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Market Traders Institute (MTI) Complaints and Reviews

Jul 29, 2017

They fight to keep refunds!

60 days refunds with fine print! After an unsuccessful attempt to get my refund I placed a dispute with my credit card company CitiBank thinking they would help me recover my funds. CitiBank reversed the charges which was great at first. CitiBank allow MTI to justify the charges and provided the information which that I had not completed the requirements for the refund even thought I never began the course. In there statement it stated that 3 requirements:1st. Attend a Live Session, 2nd Attend a Ultimate Charting Software Trainning Session, 3rd. Down load the Software. This requirement would have been easy if they had informed the first I requested my refund. Needless to MTI was not as aggressive in assisting me in my request as they were with their solicitation. CitiBank requested supporting information to justify my dispute. I 1st. responded online thru their portal, 2nd. I emailed them the information with attachments, 3rd. I emailed again with no attachments since CitiBank can not get attachments via email & I also faxed they this info. Well, Citibank reversed charges again favoring the MTI. I found this after receiving a letter from Citibank. Of course I call Citibank to inquire & question their actions. Well, they said I did not submit my information in the correct format. So, I resubmitted however there is a timeline to take action & once the dispute is closed it can not be re-disputed! Now I am awaiting Citibank's response to whether I still can continue with my dispute. Bottom line if MTI was so profitable why do they hesitate to refund their customers/subscribers. It really appears that the only profits they make is the funds generated by refusing refunds! Read the fine print! Even though it seem's that I am stuck with this course, I just have a distane feeling about MTI!
Jul 28, 2017


MTI is not an ethical group. Avoid them
At all costs. Youve been warned.
Jul 24, 2017

Good Education

While the refund policy is something to
Watch for they do have great courses for people looking to learn how to trade. If your new to trading and want to jump start the learning process, then this might be a good option for you.
Jul 23, 2017

MTI Posts Their Own Positive Reviews

MTI posts their own positive reviews to cover for their lack of performance according to insiders. They are a very dishonest and unchristian group. Watch out...
Jul 7, 2017


Took course completed requirements that they clearly tell you when you register
And got refund in about 3 weeks
They do call you all the time and try to sell you other course

I had no problem getting a refund after I wasn't satisfied
Jul 2, 2017

Feed Back

I have read views from people who tried in past and said this is a scam and not 100% money back guarranty or satisfaction.
This system is just making money from people.
The refund is tje problem here.
Jun 29, 2017

Do not believe their sales pitch

I fell for the sales pitch which I was very stupid to do.

I ordered one of the courses and soon after getting involved in the course I explained to them over and over that this course is NOT for me it is way above my head I DO NOT WANT TO GET INVOLVED IN SOMETHING that takes up too much of my time.

I work 10 hrs a day 6 days a week and I cannot sit in front of a computer after working 10 hrs a day.I am NOT interested in becoming a trader it is NOT FOR ME.

Yes I was stupid to sign a document in regards to how much time you have to invest in the program before getting your refund..

My advice to anyone interested in the course make sure YOU really want to be a trader and make sure you have time and willing to sit at a computer for hours upon hours to follow their classes or to listen to the BS that they teach.

You will not become a trader even after the course you will need to invest more money to continue training.


This should be against the law and I will contact the various agencies in Florida to make sure we get some laws to protect the consumer.

It is time that the consumer get some protection from these internet scama.
Jun 26, 2017


They gave me a refund after I completed the requirements.Their method(s) are open to interpretation and work about 50%. Not enough to get ahead.
Jun 10, 2017


I wish I had come across this thread months ago before I handed over thousdanss to these vultures. Please believe all the negative comments here as they are very similar to my own experience with MTI. They are just blood suckers. You hand over thousands for so-called education and support but then hear from no one, except when they think it is time they should sell you something else.
Try to get your money back for something they sold you under false pretences? Well, you have no hope of getting anything back despite their guarantees. There is always some excuse - that's if you are lucky to get a response at all.
Unless you keep handing over thousands for the endless number of new 'courses', you only have access to outdated lessons which have not been updated for years.
For example, their iPad app just does not work on any of my 3 Apple devices. And you won't get any help from their support team either.
It's like a giant ponzi scheme. The only thing that keeps them going is the money that rolls in from new clients who pay out big money. Then they use this money to hire more sales people and conduct more webinars and programmers to create useless new chart indicators to lure in more new clients - and so the cycle continues.
One day, they will implode. The game will end one day when they hurt enough people.
Jun 10, 2017

MTI - Takes thousands, delivers very little

Marcelo above must be one fo the dozens of Martinezes working at MTI. They promise you the world but deliver very little. After paying them $10,000 over the past 12 months and attending endless number of webinars, the only thing I learnt is not to trust any of them. Even their so-called experts cannot agree on which way a particular market is moving.
For example you watch Josh Martinez' presentation and he says the GBP is heading up, then an hour later Jose Tormos is saying Gbp is moving down.
But my biggest grip is the upselling and misleading their loyal clients with simple indicators, many of them free elsewhere. These imdicators are always sold under the guise of 'a course' so they can justify charging you $2995. In reality, these indicators are a just rehash of something they put out in the past - just changing colors slightly and renaming it.
My conclusion is that the company would not exist without a constant stream of subscriptions and overpriced courses and dubiuos sales tactics. At this rate they will either run out of new way of scamming people or there will be class legal action. I am surprised this has not happened yet.
May 21, 2017

MTI has helped me tremendously

I have been an MTI student for about 8 months.

I purchased their UTP course package for about 6,000 dollars. Despite it being a good program, I do believe it is overpriced.

I spent a few months trying to practice their trading philosophy, and it has simplified my trading, reducing a lot of doubt and crystalizing a well-defined exit strategy.
They also answer any questions I have in their mid-week review webinars.

I believe these bad reviews you see here, come from people who expected the trading proficiency to be served on a silver platter. MTI offers a great strategy, but YOU need to do the work. I know I have,
MTI has changed my life.
May 20, 2017

Does it work

From what I gathered from the webinars and softwar called the Ultimate Charting Software, didnt make alot of sence to me, I did try it on a trail base but found it is very similar to the Elliotte Wave therory which has five waves rather than four waves used in the demo by MTI, A,B,C,D. I found that this system cannot tell you where the market is going, and cannot tell you when to get out. The Fibonacci tool is used for trading but not an absolute method to determine what direction the market is going. It is one of many tool's used to help traders make an informed decision.

May 17, 2017

about this scamgroup site owner

This hate-site is opened and operated by a Massachusetts criminal, an Armenian immigrant Marina Noble (former Marine Mkhitaryan).

Her address:

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Marina Noble is a famous prostitute, trashed and discarded from her homeland Armenia for a good reason. In the USA she continues her sex-trade and spreading pesky STDs. She is a true threat to the Homeland Security.

Yet, she fools everybody by falsely claiming to be a medical doctor, health professional, biopharma researcher, office manager, office assistant, etc. All her claims are ridiculously FALSE and can be debunked by a three-minute background search.

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With that, she violated the 212 E Immigration Code that categorically disallows any Muskie Fellow stay in the USA after the program, even if the fellow marries a USA citizen or bears/delivers a child from the USA citizen.

Our efforts to have this hate-site removed, are yet unsuccessful. But there is something the damaged parties (families, individuals, businesses, careers) can do.

Call to the Immigration Authorities, the USCIS immigration fraud reporting line at

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Chief Michael Lawn, mlawn(@)

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Check their directory at:
May 17, 2017


May 9, 2017


Apr 25, 2017

They Make Trading Simple

It's true the education is good but they take long in rrsponding to emails. If they they can pay attention to mails they will be the best. ThTheir Education is simple not complex like other institutions.
Apr 24, 2017

Great Education

Have been with MTI for about a year and I am very grateful for this opportunity to learn from their professional teachers. Thank you very much!
Apr 24, 2017

So glad I found their training

I have been investing for over 20 years with mostly good results. I have alsways been interested in learning about the Forex Market and luckily I came across MTI. Their emphasis is on education, equity managment and emotional intelligence. It is easy to et overwhelmed with all of the information available. I strongly recommend MTI to anyone who is serious about not just succeeding in Forex, but to understand and expand their horizons. I am just beginning this journey, but I know I will be successful.
Apr 22, 2017

Mastery Class didn't disappoint

I just completed the Mastery Class which was fantastic! Overall, the instruction answered lots of questions about how to become a better trader and connected lots of dots. I am already analyzing the charts in a much more informed manner. It was obvious that the educational staff really cares about moving students' knowledge in a direction to make them more successful in FOREX trading. My biggest disappointment was when the class ended. Thank you MTI for helping me follow the journey!
Apr 21, 2017

Will Help You Build a Foundation

I have had the privilege to attend two classes on site over the past three weeks. While there my questions were answered, learned many things, and met many wonderful people. When I left I felt my foundation of the Forex is solid. Market Traders cares about their clients and will work very hard to make everyone master traders. No matter who in Market Traders you talk to they all make you feel like you are their only client. I look forward to returning to Orlando in the new future.
Apr 20, 2017

Truly trying to help me become a master trader

Have been working with them for years now I have tried other people and companies and came back because the chief is the only one who is truly trying to help me become a master trader. Others go to fast and expect you to learn it all like they know it in days or a month but the chief breaks it down so you can master it a piece at a time. I know now I will stay with market traders institute well after I become a master trader because I want to help others too.
Apr 19, 2017

Great Customer Service

I've tried different systems and MTI is by far the most useful I've found as an amature trader. Not only you get to try out some of their product for a 14 day trial period but they also offer a great customer service and they are always trying to help out as much as possible.

The Charting software is a great deal and if you are in doubt just give it a try and check their teaching webinars to figure things out yourselves!

As an amature trader it's really hard to know what's real what is not, especially after having some bad experiences with forex trading. Well I guess persistence pays off eventually.
Buttom line they are worth a try and in my first month with them I'm more than positive about making real profits in the forex business.
Apr 19, 2017

Scam Scam Scam MTI MTI MTI

They wanted $7000 or $4000 if bought today. They came down quickly to $1000 plus part payments.
They came down in price so quickly and easily, I should have seen the red light.
In hindsight, I think they may have come down to any figure, just to make any money, no matter how small.
On realizing that their course was non-existent, together with their lack of any support or guidance, I asked for a refund as they had promised.
They totally ignored my request, not even acknowledging my emails that I had attached the option of receipt of all my many refund request emails.
What a scam company!
Don't go near them!
Apr 18, 2017

Don't Believe the Bad Reviews

What impresses me most about Market Traders Institute is that they genuinely invest and care about the success of their students/clients. The staff members are very knowledgeable and accomplished traders, which gives clients/students the confidence to do business with them. All the services and products are very competitively priced, very affordable, and relevant, unlike many other competitors on the market who charge massive prices.
Mar 29, 2017

This company is abusing EEG-Wireless Telemetry

They are using EEG-Telemetry wireless technology.
You can google this technology anywhere now it is meant to be used as a cognitive enhancement device.
We bought the course 3 years ago and it is still a nightmare.
They hide behind technology and are never honest with you.

You do NOT want this company in your future.
The course is a failure it doesnt teach you anything and they have NO QUALIFICATIONS.

Keep AWAY from these people.
The CEO mixes in Religious concepts with home based EEG monitoring against your consent.
They have no right for this thing to sleep deprive you.
Its appalling .
Mar 21, 2017


Used some of their add ones after paying a hefty 5,000 for education .This is a company that turns in a profit THEY ARE NOT CONCERNED WITH YOUR PROFIT .It is the ABCD that will help you make a profit. AB ility C onsitancy D iscipline
Mar 18, 2017

MTI fraud

MTI is totally a fraud
The all content can be found into internet,
And what they want to do is sell more courses or others tools. I order my refound 4 weeks
After I started the course in October and until now march 2017 they didn't refound me.
Luiz Gustavo Ribeiro
Mar 14, 2017

Specialist suck

My MTI specialist was Charlie Green, all he eve tried to do was sell me more trading tools that cost thousands of dollars. Never helped me with the course and whenever I tried to get in touch with him if I had a problem, he was always at a meeting.wanted a refund and it took 3 months,no help from him. They all suck, maybe except Josh Martinez.
Mar 2, 2017

their charts don't match reality

I believe it is a scam because their charts do not correlate to reality. One of their latest products is the momentum breakout strategy. It's a red light green light system based on renko bars. After viewing their webinar I spoke with Chris Murphy and asked if each renko brick is the same size as the others. He said they were the same size. I emailed him a picture of a chart from their webinar and also a standard price chart and asked for an explanation why their charts don't correlate to reality. Although many points were roughly similar there were many points that their chart presented misleading information which would make it look like you are winning when in fact you are losing money. Chris sent me several more advertisements to purchase their products but never responded to why their charts don't match reality. During the phone call Chris told me they have contests for writing positive reviews online. The contest winners receive free software. So be wary of positive reviews about them. The attached pictures are GBP/JPY from Dec 22 2016 to Feb 23 2017. Notice the retracement difference at the indicated area where I drew a magenta line. Their chart shows a retracement of 40 pips or less but the real price chart shows a retracement of about 375 pips. I advise anyone to steer clear of these folks.

Market Traders Institute (MTI) - their charts don't match reality Market Traders Institute (MTI) - their charts don't match reality

Feb 24, 2017

Very expensive for what they teach

I was customer of MTI in the years 2006 - 07. honestly the education that I was given, it can be found for free in other places. Its program is very expensive for a basic training.
For me it was not worth it, I keep trading forex and what I learned from them was not much for all the money they charge.
It can be hard but the truth is that no one is going to give you, your work strategy even so paying. They only teach general market theory which with a little effort you can learn for free or at low cost.
Good luck to everyone

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