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Zophin Agency and American Income Life Complaints and Reviews

Feb 14, 2016


These are just general cometnms. Originally had Timeshare with RCI (Petchey Leaisure ) sold to Incentive Leisure Group when they were based in Milton Keynes ( they seemed such nice friendly people.)Then 2 years later we were still the official owners and had to fight to get the maintenance paid ( we were lucky it was only a couple of hundred pounds) Eventually True Valid took over and we were scammed (older ladies,Northern accent sounded soooo genuine!) scammed again but each time got money back via credit card company (how much longer will they pay out I ask myself??) In the meantine we came out of RCIame but still linked to Incentive Leisure. Petchey knows of a company who bought the Timeshare, transaction completed in 48 hours. What a relief! However, we have the Reclaim bond which is due to mature in March 2013 and although we shall make a holiday to hand in certificate we are not expecting to get anything back and if we do it will be a bonus. People ring us regularly wanting to get hold of this bond,telling all sorts of stories, working on behalf of the Spanish Government,the money being held in Trust ,if we leave it there will not be money in the fund to pay us etc etc.So my way of handling this:-Before they get going it their blurb' I ask How they obtained my telephone number and establish they are cold calling.Then get them to repeat the Company Name and their name.Say you are checking Cold Caller List'Do not let them get into their flow disrupt their speech and say you will not hand any money over to any organisation ,now or ever.I also ask them to take my details off the contact list.Not that I think it works as next week they change the name of the company.It is obvious to me that these people know everything you have done with Timeshare ( they even know the number of the Reclaim Certificate.)Ask yourself how they got these details.Would be happy to converse with anyone and feel very strongly about this and cold calling generally. I would like to start an organisation to lobby parliament to make this sort of thing illegal.
Jul 12, 2013


Do not trust these liars and frauds! Their company was developed to scam innocent people who are just trying to think ahead.
We became victims of this organization in the beginning of this year. We sent a request wishing to sign up for their services because we were thinking about getting a new house.
When we received an answer we read that we will have to fill an application will all our basic information, and then we would have to wait for an answer for about a month until they will decide if we can be added. We did like they asked. One month later we did not receive the answer as promised, and we tried to call them ourselves. No one ever picked up the phone. We began to worry because we were sure that we will easily get a loan. When my wife was checking our account that same day she said that there was a strange withdrawal from our credit card, we did not remember spending $200.00 at the beginning of the month when suddenly we've realized that the company actually ripped us off.
We called our bank and told them about this situation, they said that they will try to help us, but we will have to report about this company as well.
We are getting a case prepared for the court. We hope it will drag the attention to this company and eventually it will be shut down.
Jun 14, 2013

Not for free!

We've ordered this kit for our family as it was said on their website that it is free.
We wanted to protect our son since he was growing up and we are taking him almost everywhere we go.
When we were applying for the kit, and filling out the form, we noticed that they wanted us to enter our bank account information, but as it was written, they would only need it for special cases. We filled the form and sent it to them.
One week later and still no reply. Then we open our bank account and see a $100.00 withdrawal that very same day we sent them the form! They robbed us when we did not expect it!
We feel very miserable and fooled, since we were saving that money for much important stuff.
Never did we think that these guys are crooks, and there was no “free cheese”.
Parents, whatever you do – never apply for such services!
American Income Life have many other services, but we think that all of them are just waste of time and hopeless!
And never provide your banking account information to anyone! We learned that there are no free services in this world, you will also have to pay for it. Too bad we've learned it the hard way, but we are suggesting you to watch out!

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